Wow! Time is flying by! I haven’t made a post in months because we’ve been working on several projects which you will see more of here. It’s been an interesting few months!

Writing. Music. School. Transforming matter. Discovery. A crazy schedule. Driving one way 25 minutes to get anywhere. #countryproblems

We’ve started back to school, of course. This is worth mentioning because we home school. This year is the 8th grade and it has been the craziest yet. When my daughter, who turned 14 in October, gets done with 8th grade, she will have THREE high school credits under her belt! She’s taking a Physical Science course that is pretty hefty and she’s far exceeded my expectations in this! I thought it might be a bit hard for her but it’s actually more difficult for me. Did I mention she’s a highly functioning autistic to you?  Her taking this class is like me having a class I never got. I love it. I love to learn.

Then, I’m back to making SOAP! Real soap! Not the stuff in stores! More to come on that.

And generally getting stuff done.

And birthdays and vacations.

Also, I’ve discovered acrylic paint pouring.

And Jaleena has started making some fabulous stuff!

And then there’s the jewelry.

I have too many hobbies however, I was deprived as a child.

Stay tuned. I’m going to start revealing what’s been up with some personal things about me and how autism is incredibly creative!