Yes! It’s there! It’s fabulous to see who my daughter is becoming! Challenges still abound but she’s growing in many ways!

Jaleena has absolutely loved slime all of her life. Now, she’s making it and it is some wonderful stuff! I must admit, I’ve become addicted to the squish, the crunch, the coolness (Endothermic reaction! Slime is great science!). It covers every sense except taste! It’s extremely soothing!

jaleena with slime copy(Shameless photo plug! #fluffystuffy #handmadebyjaleena)

Upon further looking into this as perhaps a venture for her, we’ve found that slime is now being used as a sensory/calming tool. It is great for stress! Has it always been about the sensory/calming? ASMR? Yes, but people didn’t know exactly how it was working, or at least I never found it in words before.

slimes copy(Never mind these labels made by me at 5 am when we had to be at the craft fair by 8 am!)

Slime is also good for people with Misophonia and/or Misokinesia. Sensory processing disorders are so disruptive of life for some. Autism can involve many different types of sensory problems. Slime, we’ve found, can be very beneficial. Pick an issue that causes stress and we have a slime for that!

So, we find ourselves with more creativity than our little house can hold and not enough time to get it all done. Where’s my “eeeeke” emoticon?

slime lemonade rainbow copy